Commercial & Retail Property Managers Brisbane


Here’s a little about us.

Mark de Valence

Mark de Valence
Director & Licensee

Mark has held his Real Estate Agents licence for more than 20 years.

Outside of property activities he has held a board position with an unlisted public company and in his early years created a superannuation consulting firm supporting accountants managing SMSFs.

Since 2013 Mark has directed all his professional energies into real estate activities primarily focused on commercial property management.

Rachelle Von Treifeldt
Senior Property & Administration Manager

Rachelle has been with Smart Asset Managers for over eight years. She is fully conversant with Re-Leased property management software used by Smart Asset Managers.

Rachelle manages a portfolio of properties including all aspects of property management such as rent arrears, lease reviews and renewals and property maintenance, and also supports the property administration side of the business.


John Allen

Licensed Real Estate Agent

John supports Mark as licensee in addition to managing marketing activities for the business. He is experienced in sourcing property development sites and related sales activities, which he undertakes via his own licence. Mark and John have been friends and colleagues for over 35 years.


Rai de Valence
Business Manager

Part two of the husband & wife team who own the business.

Rai works part-time supporting our property administration in addition to business management duties.